Bulk Domain and IP Tools

Bulk Domain Availability Lookup

You have just generated 10 million nice keyword domain names and want to check if there is anything free? You have a huge list of expired domains and don’t want to lose time evaluating domains that are already taken? Our Bulk Domain Availability Lookup tool is the one for you.

Bulk Domain Whois Lookup

If you need to check a lot of Whois records, you will hit  different limits for each ccTLD registry/ICANN registrar. Nothing will help – your IP just gets banned, no matter if you use queries to Registry Whois servers, Registrar Whois servers or websites like DomainsTools.com – every single place has an annoying limit that stops you from doing the Whois lookups you need.

The results of the Whois lookups come back as raw text that is formatted in all possible ways across registries and ICANN registrars.

Our Whois system can make millions of lookups for you and also parse structured results from the messy and diverse raw text that Whois servers return back.

Here are the details we need to give you the exact price for bulk Whois lookup:

  •     Do you need a web-UI or API to access bulk Whois data
  •     Do you need parsed or raw Whois data
  •     How many domains per month you’ll check
  •     The number of domains per request do you want to be processed
  •     What kind of TLD/domains you’ll check

See also Reverse Whois.

Bulk IP, NS and MX Lookup

Find the IP, Nameservers and MX records of any number of domain names

Reverse IP Lookup

Find all domain on the same IP. The only way to do this is to:

  • Know (almost) all domains in the world across all TLDs – this is impossible, because most ccTLD registries like .uk .fr .it .es .de .nl .be .ca hide their zone files unlike gTLD registries like Verisign (which handle .com and .net), PIR (which handle .org), etc. With no access to zone files obtaining the full list of domains in all ccTLD zones in all countries is not fully possible. But we are almost there- with innovative data mining strategies and and a vast array of partial domain lists sources we have got 80-90% coverage of ccTLD zones (and also of course 100% coverage of the publicly available gTLD zone files). From our competition only the huge (but expensive as a service) DomainTools.com data powerhouse is at our level of ccTLD domains coverage in the database.
  • After you have all domain names you still have to make hundreds of million of request to get the IPs of all domain names, so you can begin to offer Reverse IP lookups.
  • And the resulting database is huge, so don’t try this at home :)

We are fully prepared to offer you Reverse IP at a world leading quality/price ratio.

Reverse NS Lookup

Similar to the Reverse IP lookup, but instead of finding all domains on one IP, this finds all domains, using the same Nameserves. It could be very useful, if you know a country’s most used hosting companies and their NS – then you can find all the websites in a given country and filter them for your needs.

Reverse MX Lookup

This too is similar to Reverse IP lookups, but rather than finding all domains on a single IP, this finds all domain names, using the same MX records.

Domain Ban checks

Bulk checks domains in any Ban list with public access.