Bulk Authority Domains

The Tool.Domains startup has the goal of monitoring every domain name in the world in order to find (among other things) all good expired domains with natural backlinks among all TLDs. We currently have lists of over 100 000 free domains with Trust Flow 10+ in a large number of countries/ccTLDs as well as .com (though ccTLD expired domains like .de .co.uk etc. usually have higher quality than .com).

Note: If you are searching for really high quality domains for PBN (PR4, PR5, PR6, DA 30+, Referring domains 100+), check out our High Authority domains!

We can find you thousands of dropped old domain names with good authority (Trust Flow 15+, Referring domains 10+ is a nice filter for example) that are currently free. This is a very affordable service, costs only $15* per one  you actually like enough to buy – you buy the domain yourself and pay us $15* (bulk discounts are possible for over 100). This is very good if you need a lot of good old domain names for a blog network (PBN) or supporting websites. You also take zero risk, because there is no upfront cost and you only pay for names you like.

(*The price mentioned above is for that exact case, mentioned above. If you have higher conditions than these, the price may be a little higher too.)

How the Bulk Authority Domains service works step by step

1) You tell us the metrics the domains should have. Usually they have no Pagerank, but some do. In our opinion the best filtering is Majestic Trust Flow 15+ and Referring domains 10+.

2) We give you some (say 100) free domain names that fit the criteria. The process is automatic, so not all names will be that good – a small part will have low quality spam links, etc. But the average quality is quite good – way better than expireddomains.net and similar websites.

3) You look through the list and decide how many domains you want to buy (say you like 16 out of 100). You then buy them from your chosen registrar and pay us $15 for each domain name you liked ($240 in total) for the information we gave you.

This way you don’t risk anything, you only pay for what you truly like.

PBN building is a very popular and effective link building strategy and Bulk Authority Domains is a unique service in the world of SEO/Link Building. All domains and extensions are served on a first come – first served basis. So don’t hesitate and  Contact us before all the good domain names are gone!