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Goals, accreditations (.me rocks!) and backorder on demand

Long time no see! We are so busy growing our company that no one really had the time to write in this blog. I’ll try to let you know of the countless advancements we have made.

As you probably know we are striving to achieve many different goals:

Having the largest database of domain names in the world (almost there!) Dropcatching all good expiring domain names in the world (with Premium name, traffic or SEO value) Delivering awesome search services like Reverse IP and Reverse Whois. Not to forget keyword or trademark search in the database. Downloading all websites (since we know the domains already) and giving Google a run for their money

OK, the last one is a bit ahead in time, but we’re slowly getting there.

Because of our many goals and our wish to stay cash positive and not be investor-dependent, we have to carefully allocate resources. Our team has grown to 20+ people but the mountain of work is ever growing and so are expenses.

We have therefore identified some ground rules to make all this work:

1) Use what we already have. A great team, a monster domain database and between them awesome tools – SEO domains evaluation tools, bulk checkers of multiple types, dozens of API connections to third party data.

2) Build what can easily be built and will work even half ready. In our case we were long time close to having a good ccTLD domain catching system and now we finally have it. It’s not perfect but it catches most domains we are after and this is what matters.

3) Traffic domains! Premium domains are competitive and have a very very slow sell through rate, making them a questionable investment for a dynamic tech startup like ours, SEO domains we were already catching but what about traffic domains? For some reason we never did those until recently. They have the huge advantage of not having the sales burden of the other groups – you catch, park and forget. No need to sell.

4) Accreditations and partnerships. While we already have partnerships with many great registrars, we always thought that direct accreditation with registries (both ICANN and ccTLDs) is not worth the fees, deposits, contracts, accounting and other time and money wasters. Therefore we didn’t get accredited anywhere except the UK (where it’s mandatory for catching).

While we are right that some registries are hard to work with, we realized in time not all have the drawbacks we are afraid of. Here is a bright example with .me

No fee to join; No big mandatory deposit; Stable backend provided by Affilias; Nice and friendly people;

You can learn more at – highly recommended.

The great .me experience made us reconsider the accreditations as a strategy and we proceeded with other TLDs too.

This will boost our catching capabilities for more competitive domains. And it’s just the right time, because we just launched – a backorder on demand service.

Expect in the following weeks a huge database update we have been preparing for months. We’ll keep you posted.

Have a wonderful summer!


Our big domain database just got bigger

We at Tool.Domains grow every day and so does our huge domain database. We are happy to share that it has reached the 625 million mark! It has been a painstaking effort for the team to update it (from a variety of sources as usual) and we are proud to present you with our final count of existing + expired domains:

– 443 million gTLDs (com, net, org, info, biz, us and other small TLDs like .mobi etc.) – 15 million new gTLDs (.xyz .club .google etc.) – 167 million ccTLDs

After some more NS and subsequently Whois lookups we’ll be able to tell you active vs expired domains ratio.

We will keep you updated with more news. Stay tuned and follow us on social media for more!


Tool.Domains wins Pirate Summit Sofia competition

Wow, it’s been a while! We have been very busy coding, building services and selling domains so we haven’t posted anything here for a while. But things are going well and it’s catch up time.

We have many new exciting things to share (coming in the next posts) like our last database update.

But for now just some recent good news – Tool.Domains won a local startup competition (in Sofia, Bulgaria where we are based) – the local Pirate Summit. We will pitch at the global Pirate Summit event in Cologne in September.



*Pictures from

Here is an extended version of our pitch:

    Tool.Domains pitch – April 2016 from Kalin Karakehayov

See you soon!

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Tool Domains’ Annual Party v. 2.0 (2015)

We, at Tool Domains, like to party as much as we like to work and here comes the time, when a party must be planned! Well, this is not just any party (’cause we have them a lot!) – it’s the biggest party of the year – the Annual Party v.2.0 (2015)! You maybe think that’s another nerd gathering, but we don’t mind – it’s gonna be crowded anyway

This year it will be held on the 4th of December in Betahaus Sofia at Innovation Space (I told you it’s gonna be huge!) If you remember last year… well, it was great, if not – come and see for yourself! We expect a lot of our friends to come and join us. We’ll tell you in short presentation our goals and our successes so far and we can discuss major topics, related to our business area.

And if you still haven’t met our co-founders – Kalin and Metodi, this will be the best time to meet them.


b2b media

Nomination: Best Innovative Company for 2014


Tool Domains were nominated for Best Innovative Company for 2014 in the Early Prizes of B2B Media – one of the most popular Bulgarian web media for business news.

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DigitalK 2015

Kalin Karakehayov and Metodi Darzev, Co-Founders of Tool Domains showed that they really enjoy being in the business. They took place in Digitalk 2015 and couldn’t help but share it was a conference of great value!

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Tool.Domains’ first team-building!


29.04. Finally, this is the day – all the team has gathered in the office in Sofia

The day started about noon when all managed to get to the office Then went to lunch together, and some major topics about how work must be done more efficient were discussed – with all cards down to the table…. well, plates too. It’s easy to talk about work, while having lunch, isn’t it! “Mhm” would have said at that moment there

Anyway, let’s get that serious tone back. This was the first team-building for Tool.Domains’ team and had its important role, since half of the team work outside the office… actually outside Sofia. Understanding their needs, techniques at work and lifestyle was really germane.

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