What does the Majestic Trust Flow SEO metric mean

Majestic Trust Flow reflects the quality of backlinks to a Domain. As quality of backlinks comes mainly from the quality of the referring domain, one would expect Trust Flow to be a domain-wide metric, just like Google recognizes Trust on a domain level. However, that’s not what Majestic SEO engineers thought. Majestic Trust Flow is as URL-level SEO metric, which is different for the pages on one domain, much like Google Pagerank.

This causes the main weakness of Trust Flow, otherwise a good SEO metric – it often gets heavily inflated by sidewide links from one domain with a lot of internal pages with high Trust Flow.

Luckily that’s easy to spot – if all 5 top backlinks in Majestic SEO come from one domain name (homepage + 4 subpages), it’s a safe bet your Trust Flow is inflated.

Trust Flow works very well combined with Referring domains as a SEO metric.