Whois Research

Every domain name has a Whois record, that shows owner information. Getting Whois info for one domain is generally easy and can be done in 3 ways:

  • Through a direct Whois command from the command line;
  • Through a Whois check at the registry website (for ccTLDs) or from any ICANN Registrar website (for gTLDs – .com .net .org .info .biz and many others, that are not associated with any country).
  • Through a trustworthy Whois website like Whois.DomainTools.com

However there are two different Whois related tasks that you would not likely want to do yourself, because they are… well, just impossible to do without tons of preparation before the actual lookup of Whois data.

Bulk Whois Lookup

When you want to check thousands to millions of Whois records, you will hit limits, no matter what you use. Registries, Registrars and DomainsTools.com type online tools all have annoying limits, that prevent you from making the lookups you need.

Our system for Whois checks can make millions of requests for you and parse the results from the raw text Whois servers return.

More about Bulk Whois.

Reverse Whois

Even more challenging is the Reverse action – having an owner detail (like email, person name, company name, address, country, phone number) and searching for all domains with Whois records matching this detail. For example, all domains owned by a company or individual or all websites in Canada.

The only way to perform Reverse Whois is to:

  • Have a database of (almost) all domain names in the world – impossible to achieve because ccTLD registries don’t share their zone files like gTLD registries like Verisign (.com and .net registry) do. Without zone files getting the complete list of domains in zones like .de .uk .fr .es .ca and almost all others is not completely achievable. But we are close – with extensive data mining and hundreds of domain list sources we have 80-90% coverage of all ccTLDs (and of course 100% coverage of the public gTLD zones). Our competition with the exception of the giant (but quite expensive) DomainTools.com is lagging far behind in domain names database size/ccTLD coverage.
  • Do a Whois lookup for each and every domain name (regularly if possible). This requires thousands of IPs and a complex query management and Whois record owner details parsing system. We are still getting there, but soon it will be done and we will be able to offer the Reverse Whois service with te best price/quality ratio in the world.

Reverse Whois lookup services are of a great importance to:

  • Law enforcement
  • Cybercrime detection
  • Cybercrime investigation
  • Private investigations
  • Corporate research

If you need Bulk or Reverse Whois lookups in any form or you want to ask about specific requests, Contact us!