Why are you offering me expired ccTLD domains like .gr? I want .com!

Why can’t I have the DA 15+, Majestic Trust Flow 10+ Referring domains 15+ .com available for registration domains I want?

Well, we can send you 1000 to choose from and guess what? They are all spammed and worthless. While filtered from 200 million expired domains you can see the best 1000 still suck. We cannot create what doesn’t exist. You thought good Trust Flow can protect you from spam? Only in 95% of the cases. The remaining 5% of domains are enough to drown you.

All the best PBN experts in the World (many of whom we are supplying with expired domains) are now buying country domains only with .gr being a favorite as renewal is as cheap as .com and has complete Whois privacy by default, not to mention other advantages (easy to manage). And Google doesn’t really care about history language of the domains.

You can look around and pay for as many shit services for expired .com as you like, but I promise you there is nothing left there. This is something we realized more than 2 years ago and we have an almost complete database of the expired domains in the world so we can literally see it.

If you put all expired .com and .gr in a single pool and take out the 500 best expired domains, you will have 500 .gr and guess what? They will be gone soon. As will be gone .co.uk .de .nl .be .es .it and everywhere else. There is nothing good left in .fr already. The expired domains industry is selling all the domains expired within the last 15 years at a great speed and not enough domains are expiring every day to fill the gap (of course all the high authority SEO domains are being caught at the drop).