New updated domain database!

Hey friends! Tool.Domains has a huge update to announce!
We are happy to inform you that our database has grown A LOT – from 450 millions of domains to over 550 millions! Hooray for us! Thanks to all involved in the process of finding and importing hundreds of different domain name sources – guys, you’re awesome!

Domain database expanded

We’ve been working on this major update for over 1 year. After really hard work and sleepless nights, we finally got to this important moment and we’re happy to share the numbers with you:
153 162 704 – ccTLDs and .eu
290 218 455 – .COM
113 200 635 – other gTLDs

… and this makes
556 581 794 – total number of (almost) all domain names that are registered or have ever been registered :)

We rock!

Stay tuned for more statistics about the domain database – they’re coming soon. Keep in touch with us –¬†follow us on your preferred social media to get access to unique domain name infographics.

Meanwhile we will continue giving our best in order to fulfill your expectations and keep the huge pool of domains up to date.