SEO conference 2015

seo-conference-2015 td

The sixth SEO conference 2015 took place on the 24th of April at Inter Expo Center, Sofia. The conference was opened by David Amerland, who gave a powerful and positive start for this event, which has gathered SEO and online marketing experts, developers, web designers, reputation and PR gurus, working to improve the presence and visibility of sites on the Internet.

A lot was discussed, a lot was told, but in general, major topics were the newest in optimization – semantic web, using videos for SEO, social media signals, improved security and speed of the site as importance for the bounce rate, and many others. You can find information about all the speakers at

Kalin Karakehayov, Co-founder of Tool.Domains also took place in SEO conference 2015 as a speaker. He shared the importance of Assessing the link profile of a domain for link building opportunities – how to correctly read the metrics shown in Majestic SEO, analyzing anchor texts, strong, weak and bad links in link building, common mistakes. He also gave good tips in order to avoid Google penalties. The crowd showed great interest in the subject, as the hall was full off interested people, despite the late hour.

Of course: “Аll good things come to an end”, but not for the SEO conference which continued with an after party in one of the Sofia’s restaurants. Discussions – work and life related, continued there accompanied by laughter, jokes and friendship.