Tool.Domains’ first team-building!


29.04. Finally, this is the day – all the team has gathered in the office in Sofia :)

tool domains
The day started about noon when all managed to get to the office :) Then went to lunch together, and some major topics about how work must be done more efficient were discussed – with all cards down to the table…. well, plates too. It’s easy to talk about work, while having lunch, isn’t it! “Mhm” would have said at that moment there :)

Anyway, let’s get that serious tone back. This was the first team-building for Tool.Domains’ team and had its important role, since half of the team work outside the office… actually outside Sofia. Understanding their needs, techniques at work and lifestyle was really germane.

Of course it wasn’t only job related – well, to be honest, it was less job related, more having fun together. (Especially when it was boss’ birthday)
tux1tux dead

The working day continued as а birthday party. We had the club on our disposal, so you can imagine how we spend the night :) Little party animals. Still, it was good the other day was a day off… Just in case 😉

Definitely we’re looking forward to attending the next team building when we can talk about the good job done!